Not Interested In A Wedding Dress? Try a Little Black Tux

At New York Bride & Groom, we take great pride in our ability to offer something exquisite for every woman who walks through our doors. Since we know that dresses are not everyone’s choice, we carry the stunning Little Black Tux collection that offers our high fashion brides a gown-free style option.

Gorgeous cuts and sleek lines take this option to the next level. Perfect for brides, bridesmaids and wedding party members who are not comfortable in a traditional dress, these tuxedos have been meticulously detailed to enhance a woman’s curves and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Here’s what the label behind the line has to say:

We’re Redefining The Little Black Dress

Introducing a line of tuxedos designed & manufactured specifically for women. Experience the highest quality product on the market for those who are looking for that unique alternative to the standard little black dress. Perfect for any occasion: wedding, b-day, prom, black tie, or GNO!

Eye-catching Details

New York Bride is Charlotte’s premier bridal salon. Our experienced bridal consultants are friendly and professional. They know how to measure you to perfection and can help arrange any alterations so that you can debut your tuxedo with sensational style. Comfort has been a huge consideration with the fabric selection for this line. Enjoy excellent designs in black or white. We know you will feel radiant in your fashionable tuxedo. The folks at Wedding Party App are in complete agreement:

Inspiration For Your Wedding Tux & Suit

Some women dream of their perfect wedding dress, and some women dream of their perfect wedding tuxedo. Tuxes just seem to be a perfect blend of elegance and cool nonchalance — except there’s so much room to explore and experiment! I personally would love to see more ladies wearing tuxes on their special day! Regardless of whether you’re aiming for a more masculine or androgynous look, definitely take a peek at what we’ve compiled for you because these ladies know exactly how to rock menswear:

I think the best part about wearing a tuxedo is that there seriously are no rules attached. You can choose to spruce it up however you want, and it’s most likely going to look AWESOME. Plus, you get to run around and do really gnarly jumping shots without having to worry about tripping over your skirt. Additional info at Wedding Party App


New York Bride Is Different From Other Wedding Salons

We don’t require appointments to shop at New York Bride & Groom and cameras are always welcome. You will actually enjoy shopping in our relaxed and friendly setting. We are happy to answer any questions or curiosities you might have about wearing a tuxedo to your big day. Check out some fun ways to pull your tux wedding look together from A Practical Wedding:

The Updated Classic: The slightly pointed shoulders and exaggerated shape on this tuxedo jacket keep it modern and interesting while still being really flattering. To channel Janelle Monee here, wear the tuxedo shirt buttoned all the way up, with a cool bowtie, killer shoes, and a great updo. The pants will put you a bit over budget, but they’re too good not to include.

The hardest part of finding the right women’s tuxedo is making sure your outfit doesn’t veer into cater waiter territory. And while that definitely can be helped by a well-tailored suit, it’s mostly about attitude (well, and styling). Janelle Monae has, by far, the best tuxedo game of any celebrity out there.